Thursday, April 26, 2012

0x10^c Rated E? I Hope Not

So while I'm pretty sure most of you are aware about Mojang(The company founded by Notch and the creators of Minecraft) has announced development and leaked a super super super to the nth super alpha(i hope) of a new game I've been waiting until i actually played it to write about it. But unfortunately i couldn't get the leaked version to run and i got impatient. Anyways I'm really very excited about it because as of the first Friday in may i will be finished with a class entitled Computer Organization, wherein, you guessed it! I learned assembly, stack, heap and all that fun stuff. I'm sure most Computer Science grads in the last few years of juniors of seniors have taken a similar course in which you wrestle with the infamous BuffBomb and Buffer Overflow Bomb and that's exactly what i did in this class. Ive already written a few simple programs for the DCPU in anticipation and hope to have a crew come launch day. I will be in charge of arms and attacks, we have planned a pilot, navigator, programmer and modeler. Basically my crew is planning on being a collective Reaver style ship in that we will push to insane limits to take out, board, kill and pillage every ship we find living on the edges of the civilization and picking off those few ships silly enough to go to the edge of space space space... But really its going to be sweet. One thing i hope is that we have ship to ship and hand to hand combat. As shooting missiles to disable them, ramming and boarding is our current game-plan. Oh and there needs to be blood we can smear on the outside of our ship. Because why beat around the bush? We're going to kill everyone on board :D

Monday, April 23, 2012

Firefox AutoCorrect? this afternoon while typing several lengthy emails to various employers asking for internships, family about summer plans and teachers about coming exams, I was struck by a glaring gap in my technology. My phone, an Android running Pantech Crossover, will correct i to I, cant to can't etc. Even in just keyboard non-swype mode it will make all the grammatical changes necessary to keep me from looking like a four year old with no knowledge whatsoever. My browser(Firefox) however is for some reason incapable of even capitalizing the next letter after a period. Feeling slightly disgruntled I searched for an add-on that would do simple things like this. Not even spell correction just adding apostrophe's and shifts. Things I commonly forget to add due to my own negligence in typing lessons. But lo! two hours of time could uncover nothing but threads asking for one. Mozilla for the first time in my life you have failed me...

Now before anyone says learn to type I just want to say that usually i have enough trouble just keeping up with my own train of thought to just put it on paper let alone capitalize. Hence most code I post lacks camel-case notation...who needs common conventions anyways? Just use descriptive enough variable names...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Been waay too long

Its been quite a while since I last posted and so much has happened! I fell from gold league to bronze in SC2 started following stephano, played way too much Skyrim. I also started playing League of Legends more than once a month! I'm going to try and start updating this again(i know i've said it before >.<) as a focus and aside from my studies. Not sure how often but i'm shooting for bi-weekly. Anyways here's a chill song

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Google Scribe wrote my blog

Hello everyone! I was wondering what the hell is going on with google and i saw a new feature called google scribe. it is a nice addition to the blogger community and wrote nearly this entire article for me. I typed barely 10 letters in this whole thing. the only thing that would improve the system's performance would be if it refered back to the rest of the sentence for context clues.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spray paint art

A blue planet, a farther red planet, a sun and a moon.
Hey i found this instructable just as i got an assignment to do a project about scale for my class. So i thought what better shows scale then a sun, two planets and a moon? Its all made using under 5$ of spray paints and about 12 minutes of my time. Read the instructable for more information its very good!
The instructable by Suzll

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No news today

Because its my birthday! But tomorrow I'm going to write a review of Minecraft 1.8

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So I recently discovered BitCoins. A new type of anonymous currency that can be generated using your spare processing power. And man am i in love. True you cant use them for much yet but at the least i can put my computer to use while im sleeping, at class or simply not using it. For more information on how it works and how to generate them check out the BitCoin website. And if you have some spare bitcoins laying around my wallet is always open :P