Monday, November 1, 2010

Minecraft is NOT rated E

or at least it shouldnt be. I was playing it this afternoon exploring around the biomes caves etc. i read that dungeons can be found if you pop on the sound so i did (up until now i had been playing with no sound because i couldnt be bothered :P) i walk into a cave and suddenly hear a hiss behind me. i let out a yell and whip around in my chair freaking out. This coninued for about 10 minutes with me wondering wtf was making that noise until i relized it was the game. (i have really good headphones+pandora was playing) I then tentivly creep around tyring to find it only to find a single spider :/ so i continued on (after trapping him in a block for when i can actually kill him. i play on SMP my own server) and lo when i am again least expecting it i hear a moaning gurgling sort of noise. bear it mind it was and is midnight. scariest sound i have ever heard ever. As of now i have no idea what made it and my roomate thinks im on LSD. so i continue digging and find some lava. so smart me i decide that i should make a portal to the nether so that i can travel to it fast. i light it and once again scream like a little girl in fear of the sheer doom eminating from the portal to my ears. Seriously this game is way too scary. im afraid. so very afraid.
my lava source for obsidian

as close as i am ever getting to that portal ever again. I put torches in the hope it would contain the noise. It didnt

join me so im not alone anymore.