About Me

Hey this a more fuller about me site. Im Ian im a freshmen in college studying computer science and pre-med and im an avid gamer. I like stumbleupon and use the Economist and BBC for my news. Im from the US but i have UK citizenship as well. I have way too many experimental hacks, projects, machines, ideas that often get abandoned when i think of something else cool.
Projects completed so far:
  1. Perihelionds.com
  2. Xbox 360 Mod
  3. Scorpian tank (almost)
  4. Dagorhir Swords
  5. 12 ft trebuchet
  6. Ionocraft
 Projects Not done:
  1. Halo Mark VI armor(in progress)
  2. Chain Mail (abandoned
  3. Powered HUD(soon to be started)
  4. This blog (hopefully still here in a week)
Aaaand thats all i can think of!
go ahead and ask questions. you know you want too. Also id apreciate it if you could click any ads that seem interesting. i need the money to fund the aforementioned projects+any that you guys suggest.