Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hey guys

Im going o be more active now that exams are over. And on that note: I need a banner! Winner gets my everlasting gratitude lol. It can be anything you want just make it something you wouldn't mind showing your parents lol. And now for a hilarious story that happened ot me the day black ops came out.
I was in the middle of an online homework assignment and the itnernet in our building died. I called the Office of Information Technology or OIT to ask why and had the following conversation:
OIT: Hello OIT how can i help you?
Me: Yeah the internet here died during my homework assignment. How long till its back?
OIT: Oh yeah your like the 50th person to have this problem. Let me just check your building's status. Ok looks here liek you guys have used up your daily bandwidth cap
Me: We have a bandwith cap? how big is it?
OIT: Pretty big depending ont he day but usually around a TB or so.
Me: And we used all of it?!
OIT: Yeah that is wierd. Let me see usage. Wow fully 60% of it was used for Xbox Live.
Me: So i fail this assignment because of Activision?
OIT: Pretty much. it should be back tommorow.

I got an extension on the assignment because the majority of the campus lost internet. Thanks actvision

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