Thursday, September 15, 2011

Portal 2 and Gamestop Power Rewards

So i finally decided to pick up portal two from Gamestop. Speaking of which have you checked out their new program? By doing nothing but my usual shopping ive already gotten a free used game and enough points to buy the halo shotglasses. If they hadnt taken them off the site that is... I was really looking forward to them too. Ah well we cant have everything right?
Back to Portal 2. It was almost a dissapointingly easy game in that I was finished in a couple of days of casual playing. (Not sure of exact hourage ill get back to you on that.) But the new items such as the light bridges, red and blue gel, and gravity...things, really added to the game. You had to think in several different dimensions at once and plan out how you were going to bounce here there and then make the gravity there. All while avoiding certain death.
And the storyline! Man was that a suprise! The whole time i was thinking no way so thats why!... Ill try and keep the spoilers down for anyone who hasnt played yet. I havnt had a chance to try out the 2 player mode because my roomate's too lame but there you go.
Overall I give it a 8/10 and the only reason its low is because i felt that the game wasnt long enough. It felt more like it should have stayed a steam game for 20$ or so rather than a full 60$ xbox 360 game(which is what i got it for). So yes buy it, yes enjoy it but for me at least theres not much of a replay value. I think it will soon turn into other games.
P.s. Flammable lemons sound like a great idea.

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