Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bought the Vuzix Wrap920

So a little while ago I finally bought those damned glasses. Dropped 400$ from my bank account and 2 days later there they were. Being the excitable person that i am i stood in the mail-room and tore off the packaging before rushing upstairs to try them out. And i was shocked at the quality. The focus dials are a little hard to get at first and the first few times using text may take a little bit to focus but now my eyes are fully trained and its like having a personal movie theater in my pocket. I don't know if I'm just seeing it weird but the screen looks a hell of a lot bigger than the advertised 60 inches. Currently i only have the iPod and composite connections but i cant wait for them to bring out the HDMI cable later this spring.
-Awesome TV in my pocket
-Works with everything i own besides laptop(until i get the HDMI cable)
-Can now own people in reach while laying in bed
-Don't have to lay awkwardly in bed while watching TV; The screen rotates to fit you
-Only thing i have it that it sticks out from my face more than the pictures make it appear. But not a big issue as i don't much care what i look like because the glasses are just that badass
Overall I'm going to give them a 9.7/10. If your even slightly interested in being cool id suggesting heading over to The Vuzix Website and checking out a pair of your own.

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