Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hey the WiFi is back!

Ok so now for a real post. Hello. My name is Ian. alias snakeman2058 alias Donagon. If you want to find me try snakeman2058 unless its a blizzard game then do Donagon :P

So anyways; my wifi has been acting really really dumb lately. Like needs to ride a short bus with a helmet dumb. it will randomly disappear of give me limited connectivity or create a ghost network that i cant actually connect to. And seriously NO ONE can help. I send about 50gazillion messages to Belkin till they gave up and Microsoft just said "Windows 7 doesn't do these problems. you probs haz pirated version so gtfo." even though this is the first OS i've bought legit... anyways my roommate fixed it (temporarily) by resetting the router to factory settings and I'm afraid to change anything such as the key or name. Also i wanted to say thank you to that guy that visited the blog minutes after i made it. seriously your a cool dude/chick. Thats about it for now...time for CS Lab

P.S. Games i play regularly:
  • MineCraft
  • StarCraft
  • World of WarCraft
  • RuneScape
  • Portal
  • Counter Strike:Source
  • Half-Life 2 & Deathmatch
  • Magic the Gathering
P.P.S. I removed the Captcha from comments cause i hate filling out captchas.


    1. Minecraft +1
      RuneScape +1
      Portal +
      Magic the Gathering +1

      Looks good to me :P

    2. lol thanks. do you have a minecraft multiplayer survival server? i think i still have one running