Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mail call! and other such nonsense.

Well hello there. So today i got a package! inside was among other things, a hot glue gun! whats this for you might ask? well like many other people before me i am making Mark VI mjolnir armor from Halo. When you see my 360 (sometime soon when i don't have anything else) you will understand why. But anyways so far all i have it the helmet made and partly fiber glassed.
Helmet Front view. I'm holding it up to represent the future padding
Helmet side view
 When i went to college i left it behind and made a huge mess trying to make a scorpion tank with Elmer's glue. And tape. A whole ton of tape. Now that's almost done and ill be finishing off the final wheel eventually.

Scorpion tank. That's a 17" Laptop.
 But the main point is i will start working on my armor and fiber glassing it when i get home :D however my armor wont be just normal armor oh no. I'm using a friends old laptop that has a broken screen, mounting it in my back with the fans expelling air downward through the suits air vents from the game and using that to power a set of Vuzix Wrap 920AR glasses so that i can overlay what I'm seeing with a HUD.
Oh and i have a gold visor already as well so i will be looking so awesome. As of now i don't know what I'm going to put on the HUD. Any ideas?
After(if) i finish the tank I'm going to make the M9 pistol from the series before i move on to the armor.
On the gaming note I'm starting to get really into Halo Reach. send me a friend request @ KingSnake2058 if you want to play Firefight or 2v2v2. I'm practicing for a tournament this weekend lol.

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  1. Dude, thats TOTALLY AWESOME!, ive actually always wanted to do this, but i never knew where to get started, ive heard of people using card stock paper and fiberglass molds to make an entire set of Mark V Halo armour, im just saying that that would be soo awesome to own.

  2. @black ops thanks lol.
    @exitlights its pretty easy to start and relativly cheap. just alot of time. check out this:
    @jordan and @chad thanks bros :D

  3. lol i like that hat
    i wish I could do that

  4. thats soo sick, follow me back and share the love bro

  5. Its not really about tutorials. You just have to get out there and do it. You sorta just learn how to on your own. Sure you lose a lot at first but then once you get that first kill. It becomes addicting.

  6. @darkmaniac so doo it lol
    @zbeast sure!
    @kaleb but i hate losing my hard earned cash :/

  7. nice, this reminds me of something I read on MSN last week

  8. I wonder if it's always like that. Anyway, I some new ideas at GTL Everyday... check it out.

  9. this is inspiring me to post more bubbles on Enhanced by MS Paint... check it out!

  10. Taylor would totally agree with this :)

  11. Lmao, @ Swift Love. Anyways, damn that shit goes hard. You made that? D:

  12. haha thanks.
    and yeah i did Trauma. starting the pistol today before my reach tourny