Tuesday, October 5, 2010

To infinity and beyond!

So i don't know if any of you haven't heard but we found a planet with a 100% chance of life. Yep 100%. no doubt about it. Here's the wiki summary! Don't believe Wikipedia? Check the sources! But after reading this i have one question:

Why aren't we (or anyone) building a ship to take us there asap?
I mean seriously. For that matter why aren't we living on the moon or mining an asteroid? We have the technology and have had it for over 30 years! In fact hardly any improvements have been made to the original launch shuttle that a modern car is as high tech as it! If a business set up a mining drill on the moon or a nearby asteroid in little to no time they would recoup their losses in the price of minerals and ore alone never mind scientific experiments. my point is that space exploration doesn't have to be a high cost adventure. We can do it relatively cheap. For example, most of the fuel on rockets are used up when leaving the lower two miles or so or earths atmosphere. It we instead used weather balloons filled with helium and fired the boosters around 80,000 feet (10,000 feet below the balloons bursting point) then we can save so much in fuel costs!

It is our duty as a sentient species to seek out other life and help it grow. And we wont do that sitting here on Earth waiting.


On a side not i just made a mean blue milling deck. Seriously it kicks all kinds of butt.

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